New Adventures.

13315496_10154303681193474_801323856064890394_nIt’s easy to forget the way stories work. When you’re stuck in the part of the story where it seems like everything is going to hell, you forget that there are more pages ahead.

Tonight as I ramble on with my words that feel flat when placed in the context of the richness of real life, I’m so grateful to God that the story is unfolding into the parts that are hopeful and beautiful and full of paragraphs that you just want to read over and over again because they just stir something inside your head and your heart that you just can’t help but smile about.

The last two years have been such a messy two years of life. That’s for another blog. I’m thinking about getting into writing more. But also I always say that and then I eat ice cream and watch youtube videos of people popping zits instead. We’re all in different places.

Anyway, sticking with the literary theme of the first paragraph, Lace and I are getting to jump into the next chapter. No, Lacey’s not pregnant. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

What IS happening is as follows:

Starting the 20th of this month, I’m going to be an employee of Lutheran Community Services. I will be a resettlement caseworker and will have the privilege of walking through life with individuals and families that have fled their homes and are starting part of their life over in the city we’ll both be calling home for now. There is a lot that is traumatic and broken about the resettlement process in our country and I was really quite hesitant to get into this specific position…but that thing about how we plan our stuff but God directs our steps is for real. He’s kind of unfolded this and allowed me to walk in even when I’m not quite qualified. I’m really anxious and also overwhelmed with feeling lucky at the same time. Weird/exciting times! I’m about to have my worldview blown up for the 100th time in the past few years, can’t wait for the messiness of that…here’s to hoping they give me a desk in an office with AC!

Next up:
We’re moving a couple miles away! Goodbye Clackamas and easy access to Chick-fil-A. We had some good times…but it’s time that we embraced some healthy distance in our relationship.

Lace and I have been looking and praying for a new space to move to that is relatively affordable in the Portland area and we have found the kindest landlord ever that is letting us move in and begin prepping for…


We’re really really really stoked to become foster parents. While we’ve both really worked hard on our own crap over the past year of life, Lace and I have become more certain than ever that this is something we’re gonna be doing. Like, I feel more sure about being a foster dad than I do going into my new job, or having any kind of career for that matter. I’m really really sure about this step that we’re taking. I couldn’t be more excited/scared out of my mind about it.

We’re not going to be anyone’s savior. We’re not trying to fix anyone. We’re planning on screwing up quite a bit. We’ll probably both cry a lot. A LOT. I’ll probably eat too much ice cream because I’ll be frustrated. But we’re really stoked to join in on the goodness and absolute messiness of helping kids understand what love and safety look like even if for just a few days or months or years at a time. We kicked off our certification process this past Saturday and hopefully will finish up in the coming few months!

So there you have it.
A little update on the adventures of Lacey and Seth.
Wild times, folks. Wild. Times.

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2 thoughts on “New Adventures.

  1. I love it when God changes plans on us…His are always so much better!! You will be an awesome, amazing foster parent. What is it they say… You don’t have to be perfect just be real. (I don’t know if that’s the correct quote but I don’t know who “they” are anyway.) You have great examples in your parents. Can’t wait to hear how God continues to work through you.

  2. First, congrats on the job!! That’s fantastic!
    Second, I really love the paragraph about not trying to fix anyone…just trying to help kids see what love and safety look like. Ahh…straight to my heart. That is the most perfect explanation. Praying for you both on the journey!!

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