I am welcoming this new year with a deep, reassuring breath.
I have been ready for this year to start.
Lacey and I got to roll into this new year surrounded by some of our very favorite people in the world. Some of the coolest nieces and nephews in Southern California. Well, I guess, to be honest, I think I fell asleep around 10 PM on New Year’s Eve, but when I woke up I heard this guy early in the morning whispering through a crack in the door that “dinner was being cooked”

There are few things in the world that I love more than the sound of these ones running around yelling, “Uncle SETH, get me, no don’t get me…okay, get me! TICKLE ME!” Few things are more wonderful than seeing my wife in full-on Auntie Lacey mode. Loving people so well and seemingly so effortlessly.


I mean, is there anything more beautiful?

These past several months of life have been ridiculously hard, and getting to bookend them with visits to our wonderful fam down in So. California (right after spending lots of days with our incredible families in Oregon) has helped bring such a needed to joy into our souls. We are the very luckiest.

I find myself saying that a lot lately. That I’m lucky. I don’t really believe in luck. But also I’m tired of #blessed. What I mean by being lucky is just this idea that all of the good things I’ve been given (abundant grace) have been just so unmerited. It’s nothing I deserve. I deserve the opposite and more…and yet, here I am. Living the dream, seriously. (minus the student loan debt…I don’t think that’s anyone’s dream).

I mean, I’m getting my Master’s Degree in something I REALLY love. I’m married to the most gracious, forgiving, beautiful woman in the world (who happens to be everyone’s favorite teacher). We are surrounding by a whole community of friends and family that love us and root for us always. We have enough money in the bank account to buy my favorite black bean dip from Trader Joes. We are getting increasingly involved in our faith community. We get to do homework and grade papers to the sounds of a record player and music we love almost every night and we can do that safely in our warm little apartment. We have abundantly more than we could hope for. We are the luckiest ones. I’m not bragging. I’m just surprised and thankful that life has turned into something so much better than I would have thought it might when 2015 started.

2016 is sure to be full of it’s own adventures, hurts, and celebrations. I’m stoked to see what’s to come. This year though, I’m looking forward to taking each day a day at a time and soaking in all that God has to show us.
Here’s what I’m shooting for so far:
1. Graduating from Grad School
2. Getting to know my wife better than ever before
3. Getting to know the character of God better than ever before
4. Reading a Harry Potter book for the first time (I’ve never read or watched the guy…my wife is a BIG ol’ fan) AND then going to Harry Potter World or whatever it’s called.
5. Getting healthier again. Grad school has been rough on my midsection and feeling good in general.
6. Getting a job that has something to remotely do with the degree I’ll hopefully get.
7. Learning a couple’s dance routine with Lacey while watching So You Think You Can Dance this upcoming summer.
8. Moving into a home where we can be the kind of community members we want to be.
9. Becoming proud of the fact that I’m now a tea-guy because my doctor hates me and won’t let me drink coffee.
10. Leaving the country to somewhere besides Canada.

So there it is.
I’ve been wanting to get back into blogging. I’m hopeful that I’ll get the chance to spread some of our “luck” around our community and the world. I’m hopeful to experience joy and pain in healthy ways. I’m hopeful to learn more about myself and those in our lives in deeper ways than ever. I’m hopeful because I have hope and have learned to lean into it even when it’s distant and intangible.

Welcome to 2016, the year of new hope.


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